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St Peter Claver College

Thank you Onyx Productions, for coming to work with the students of St Peter Claver College. Your team is very experienced and dripping with enthusiasm which the student responded to and empowered them to move and make sounds, inspiring their creative talents. The students thoroughly enjoying the Junk Drumming and Body percussion workshops, especially when choosing random objects around the room to make interesting polyrhythms.  The performance at the end allowed students to see all the techniques in the workshops put together into a dynamic, humorous and engaging show for all year levels. I highly recommend this production to any school.

Miss Kristle Freriechs

Music Coordinator

Satisfied Parent!

"Hi there,

Just a quick note to say well done!

One of my daughters watched you yesterday.  She showed me videos of your work on YouTube last night.  Well, how to inspire a bunch of kids!  EVERYONE is raving about it!

I hope you had a great experience at our school and I really really hope we see you again."

Moggill State School

"The performers were not only talented and entertaining to watch, they also had a great manner with the students and were very good at managing the groups and keeping them on task. The activities were well suited to ability levels and enjoyed by the students. After the performance the school was alive with the sounds of students with sticks drumming on the play equipment and others thumping, stamping and clicking as they practised their body percussion. Dance is now “cool” even for boys, especially tap." - Jeanette King

Regional College Port Macquarie

"The show was professional class. The students were truly amazed with the show and the next day I had a Year 9 boy enter class thumping a riff out on his chest up tempo. It was truly an inspiration for all students."

Student Comments:

"AMAZING performance today! My friends and I were absolutely blown away! We were screaming the whole way bk to school! haha
at one point in the show i closed my eyes and ur music took me places, thankyou for the best show i have ever seen!
keep doing what you're doing, you're both outstanding.
Honestly, I am now inspired - i have been tapping a beat all day and the second i got home i took out my saxophone. thankyou once again!" - JESSICA LUNA,

"On Friday we had the thrill of the TERM! We saw two people touring around Australia (Gene and Adam) and oh boy I got news!! They were stunning. I can only say this to top it all off: if you had the choice between a year's supply of chocolate or the Loop the Loop performance, I'd choose Loop the Loop. If you think that was cool, they can make music out of a typewriter and FRUIT. You try to make music out of a zucchini!! Hope you see them SOON" - ETHAN MARTIN, Grade 3-4

"Loop the Loop is amazing! To be honest I don't even know what to say especially when Adam made the zucchini recorder. Oh I forgot to tell you what Loop the Loop is! It's an awesome as band. It is that good that it changed my mind about Kasey Chambers being my favourite singer. Now Loop the Loop is my favourite band and it's really hard to change my mind about songs that's how good it is. It was amazing when Gene did body percussion. Body perucssion is when you make noises with your body like when you clap and click or hit your body. Gene did that all at once. He goes clap, click, then he hits his body and makes it faster and faster" - LEYLA SWAIN, Grade 3-4

hey guys...the performance yesterday was amazingly inspiring.. it was the best live performance I've ever seen. hope to see you guys again in the future=) - ZOLA BESTIMOALA

omg!! i loved it!! so out there and so creative!! amazing improvisation! i would definitely come and see the show again!! - GIORGIA CAHOON