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Educational Resource

Entire Textbook Published by Cengage Music!

'The Concepts of Music: A Multimedia Resource for Junior Music' is an exciting new teaching tool from the author of the bestselling senior music text 'An Introduction to the Concepts of Music'. 

Aimed at junior students, the package consists of a CD-ROM of graded worksheets based on the 'Gene Peterson Live' DVD. With exciting drumming, phenomenal beat-boxing and sensation tap-dancing, this unique resource is guaranteed to capture your students' interest and encourage them to examine how the concepts (elements/components) of music are applied within different genres.

Complying with syllabus requirements of music courses across Australia, each item on the DVD and its accompanying worksheet is ideally adaptable as a lesson or as a reinforcement of a topic. Also included, are digital worksheets offering Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) and eLearning options, for lessons in the modern classroom. For more information on this educational resource, please click here

Download a Sample

The fact that one of Australia's biggest publishing companies has commissioned an entire textbook based on Onyx Production's work, speaks for the educational value of our shows and workshops. 

Retailing for $156.96, this educational resource is included for free as part of the REPERCUSSION school package. To download a sample chapter of this textbook, please click here