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Workshops and Show Package


The 'Gene Peterson Live' workshops are a wonderful opportunity for local youth to learn from industry professionals. The versatile artists from this exhilarating production cater for all ages and abilities, and are able to conduct classes in a wide range of fields including Body Percussion, Junk Drumming, Tap-dancing and Hip-Hop dancing. Drummers and percussionists will be inspired by master percussionists Saia Hanlon and Gene Peterson, and young dancers will learn incredible hip hop and tap dancing duo, TMC.

Workshops are included for free as part of the performance package and are available to be conducted on the same day as a bump in and show.

Workshop styles include:

    • Body Percussion - Students will be taught by renowned percussionist Gene Peterson. In this engaging and enjoyable workshop, participants learn how to make music using just their bodies. Participants will slap, clap, click, tap and stomp out some fantastic rhythms in this hands-on exciting masterclass! An excellent exercise in musical creativity, without the price-tag of expensive instruments!
    • Junk Drumming - Students will be taught by percussion master Saia Hanlon. In this insightful workshop, attendees will learn how to transform any item from the kitchen, office or junkyard, into a musical instrument! Students are encouraged to bring one item from their household, and witness it come to life in this fun-filled lesson, with an international artist.
    • Hip Hop & Tap-dancing - In this energetic workshop, participants will learn choreography from hip hop and tap dancing duoe TMC (winners of the NZ hip hop championships as well as the NZ tap championships). With the fantastic combination of physical activity joined with exciting rhythms, this workshop is always popular with younger crowds. Reluctant males will not be an issue, especially with two inspiring male teachers that cater for all abilities.

    The 'Gene Peterson Live' workshops can cater for up to 200 participants, and can be run as separate workshops (e.g. music workshops in one space, and dance workshops in another) or combined (e.g. all participants are split into 3 groups and rotate between the workshops, receiving 20min in each style). For more information about workshop options, please contact us.



      What does the package include?

      • 'Gene Peterson Live' performance (80min)
      • Special guests: Saia Hanlon & TMC
      • Workshops - Body Percussion, Junk Drumming, Hip Hop & Tap-Dancing
      • All travel costs for touring cast & crew
      • All accommodation costs for touring cast & crew
      • Poster (artwork)
      • Flyer (artwork)
      • Workshops Flyer (artwork)
      • Media Release
      • Promo Clip
      • Full DVD
      • Professional hi-res photos
      • 'Gene Peterson Live' website

      For information on package prices, please contact us