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Onyx Productions will be filming a new 'Gene Peterson Live' DVD this August (2012). For a limited time only, Onyx Productions is offering a free copy of the new DVD (delivered free of charge anywhere within Australia), when you order the current 'Gene Peterson Live' DVD. That's two DVDs for $35 (includes postage & handling).

To order your DVDs now, please contact us


The 'Gene Peterson Live' DVD is available for purchase.

Filmed at the Byron Bay Community Centre, this exhilarating concert features amazing special guests:

    • Master percussionist Greg Sheehan
    • Internationally awarded beat-boxer Tom Thum
    • Skilled tap dancers Jack Chambers (winner of “So You Think You Can Dance”) & Justin Tamblyn from critically acclaimed Raw Dance Company

    This live production is a delightfully entertaining blend of technically proficient drumming & crowd-pleasing variety acts, creating an exhilarating and unique musical event for all ages. A must see DVD!

    Limited stock available, contact us to order a copy.

    To view different clips from the 'Gene Peterson Live' DVD, please click the PLAY button below and then hover your mouse across the bottom of the video player to select different videos.