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Workshops & Show Package


The 'Loop the Loop' workshops are a wonderful opportunity for local youth to learn from industry professionals:

  • Improvising, Spontaneous Composition & Vegetable Music! - Conducted by Adam Page
  • Body Percussion & Junk Drumming - Conducted by Gene Peterson

Together the duo will apply these skills to Live Looping and demonstrate how each of the workshop elements can be brought to fruition in a live performance through the use of loop pedals.

For more information regarding workshops (including workshop lengths, venue requirements, minimum/maximum numbers etc) please contact us.

Music From Vegetables


What does the 'Loop the Loop' package include?

  • 'Loop the Loop' Performance (60min)

  • Workshops

  • Educational Resource (teachers notes and student worksheets)

  • Marketing Materials (artwork & design files)

To bring 'Loop the Loop' to your venue, or for more information on package prices, please contact us