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Onyx Productions - Shows

Onyx Productions - Shows


360 ALLSTARS is a phenomenal contemporary performance exploring all forms of rotation. Boasting a stellar cast, including world champion athletes, world class dancers and world renowned musicians, the production connects the street with the elite to deliver a radical urban circus!

Featuring celebrated international artists from UK, Europe, Asia, North America, Australia & NZ, 360 ALLSTARS is a revolutionary production that will leave you dizzy with excitement!

Target Demographic: Family/Youth

Touring Party: 7 cast, 3 crew

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Prepare to be violently impressed when master musician, Gene Peterson, goes head to head with multi instrumentalist, Adam Page, in this phenomenal musical showdown. In this jam-packed performance, the audience will be treated to a plethora of amazing skills, from simultaneously playing keyboards and drums, to Tibetan throat singing, to using a variety of vegetables as musical instruments! Set in a boxing ring, 'Loop the Loop' showcases a musical battle like no other! Sometimes quirky, often hilarious, at times unbelievable, but always impressive, 'Loop the Loop' offers the ultimate performance package.

Target Demographic: Family

Touring Party: 2 cast, 1 crew 

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Witness master musician, Gene Peterson, take percussion to a new level in this phenomenal rhythmic performance.

Featuring special guests: percussion genius, Saia Hanlon, and internationally renowned hip hop and tap dancing due, TMC!

In this exhilarating production the four artists combine astounding drumming with blistering tap-dancing and hilarious novelty acts to present a fun-filled show not to be missed.

Target Demographic: Family

Touring Party: 4 cast, 2 crew

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Bringing music to the streets, parks, festivals, theatres and special events, 'Hot Potato' are an all-acoustic, roving line up that deliver a sensational musical performance like no other! Combining drums, horns and a passion for New Orleans Funk music, 'Hot Potato' are well and truly in a class of their own when it comes to roving acts.

Target Demographic:

Touring Party: Optional; available as a 5 piece, 7 piece or 10 piece band

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All Onyx Productions are packaged with accompanying workshops, to enable presenters to engage with their communities. To find out more about each show, please click the logo's on the home page.