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About Gene

About Gene

Gene Peterson has quickly cemented his name as one of Australia's leading performers and producers.

As a musician, Gene is a virtuosic percussionist, an exceptional pianist, and a masterful entertainer. He has toured throughout Australia, Europe, Asia, America & The Middle East, delivering well over 1000 shows and workshops across 30 tours in the past 7 years alone. He has featured at a variety of major festivals including the Sibiu International Theatre Festival (Romania), the Singapore Arts Festival, the Holland Dance Festival, the Adelaide Fringe Festival and the Brisbane Festival (to name just a few), and is renowned for his fresh and exciting approach to live performance.

Aside from his successes as a touring artist, Gene is also a renowned producer, an award winning composer, a sought after session musician and an experience clinician.

To find out more about Gene's achievements in these fields, please click through the tabs below:

As a producer, Gene has established a solid reputation for outstanding productions targeting the youth/family demographic. In 2011, he founded Onyx Productions, which within its’ first three years of operation, has produced 4 different shows, coordinated 13 major tours across Australia, Europe, Asia & America, and has delivered over 800 performances and workshops:


  • Founded production house ONYX PRODUCTIONS
  • ‘LOOP THE LOOP’, 3 month Playing Australia national tour
  • ‘LOOP THE LOOP’ Indian Ocean Territories tour (Christmas Island & Cocos Keeling Islands)
  • ‘LOOP THE LOOP’ 2 week 'arTour' QLD tour
  • Filmed and released the ‘LOOP THE LOOP’ DVD


  • Spotlight performance of ‘LOOP THE LOOP’ at IPAY conference in Austin, TX, USA 
  • ‘GENE PETERSON LIVE’ 2 week schools tour
  • ‘GENE PETERSON LIVE’,  1 month WA/VIC tour
  • ‘GENE PETERSON LIVE’ 2 week QLD tour
  • Filmed and released the second ‘GENE PETERSON LIVE’ DVD
  • ‘LOOP THE LOOP’ 1 week South Korean tour


  • FUNKY HIPS, NYE Cocos Islands
  • ‘360 ALLSTARS’ 6 month Playing Australia national tour
  • Filmed and released the 360 ALLSTARS live DVD
  • ‘360 ALLSTARS’ 1 month European tour


  • '360 ALLSTARS’ 6 week US tour including a 3 week season on Broadway
  • FUNKY HIPS, Bleach Festival performances and workshops
  • Launched education program ‘REPERCUSSION’ with a 2 week schools tour

After winning both the Australia’s Up and Coming Drummer of the Year’ competition and ‘The Billy Hyde’s National Drum Play-Offs’ in 2006, at just 18 years of age Gene set about forging a career as a professional touring artist.

Over the following years he toured as the drummer for Raw Dance Company (5 different shows: 'Urban Wonderland', 'Project X', 'Raw Metal', 'Electronique' & 'Bang Crash Tap'), NZ percussion ensemble STRIKE, Australian pop-star Cassie Davis (including nationally televised performances on 'So You Think You Can Dance' and 'The Astra Awards'), jazz guitarist Marc Mittag, & production house Strut'n'Fret.

He has since featured at some of the most esteemed festivals right around the globe alongside world class artists, as well as solo performances including featuring at the Australia's Ultimate Drummer's Weekend.

Now an established producer, Gene tours exclusively as the drummer in the shows he creates, regularly performing across Australia, Europe, Asia and America, including a season Broadway later this year. (To find out more about the shows Gene produces, please click the "Producer" tab).

He is sponsored by Yamaha Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Vater Sticks & Remo Skins and has been featured in numerous issues of ‘Drumscene’ magazine amongst many others. 

Gene began music on the piano at age 5, learning from his father, Nick Peterson. By age 16 he was performing professionally as a cocktail pianist. 

More recently he has toured as musical director and keyboardist for major touring productions:

  • Raw Dance Company's 'PROJECT X', 2006 - 2009 (tours across Australia/Europe/Asia)
  • Onyx Production's '360 ALLSTARS', 2013 onwards (tours across Australia/Europea/USA)

Gene also features his pianist skills in his shows 'Gene Peterson Live' and 'Loop The Loop'.

Gene began composing at the age of 5. By the time he was 8, Gene had had 60 of his pieces professionally recorded and at age 14, Gene had his work performed by Darwin Symphony Orchestra. He has won a national film score competition, has been commissioned to compose the score for several theatre productions, and has even had his works performed on Broadway.

To date, his composing achievements include:

  • Composer for Onyx Productions' '360 ALLSTARS' 2013
  • Composer for Onyx Productions' 'Loop The Loop' 2011
  • Composer for Raw Dance Company's "Electronique" 2008
  • Composer for Raw Dance Company’s "Project-X" 2006
  • Winner of Lismore Conservatorium Film Score competition 2005
  • "Raindance" performed by Darwin Symphony Orchestra 2004
  • Commission for Darwin School of Music’s A Capella choir 2004
  • Co-composer for Byron Bay theatre Company’s "A Carmen"2003
  • Composer for 2 dances in the production "Inspirations" 2003

Pictured on right, Gene (aged 15) can be seen with renowned Australian composers Peter Sculthorpe and Anne Boyd.

    Gene has established himself as a sought after session musician, as he is comfortable in all styles of music and is a fluent reader. He had his first session gig at age 14, and has been in demand as both a drummer and keyboardist ever since.

    Gene has recorded at:

    • Studios 301
    • Meridian Recording Studio
    • Top Cat Recording Studio
    • Bushtraks Recording Studio
    • Beesneez Recording Studio
    • Born Fresh Records

    He has been a live/recording session musician for:

    • Australian pop-star Cassie Davis
    • Raw Dance Company (5 different shows: 'Urban Wonderland', 'Project X', 'Raw Metal', 'Electronique' & 'Bang Crash Tap')
    • NZ Percussion ensemble ‘Strike’
    • Jazz Guitarist Marc Mittag
    • Beatboxing sensation Tom Thum

      Gene conducts clinics and workshops in Drumming (Drum Kit), Composition, Body Percussion, and ‘Junk’ Drumming. Gene has worked with students of all ages/abilities, ranging from primary school workshops, right through to advanced musician clinics. To date Gene’s workshop/clinic history includes:

      Having delivered literally hundreds of workshops in the past years in a variety of styles including Drumming (drum kit), Body Percussion, Junk Drumming,  & Composition, Gene has well and truly honed his skills as a clinician.

      He regularly works with students of all ages and stages, ranging from primary school students, to experienced adults, to tailored classes for special needs participants. 

      Aside from the workshops Gene delivers as a part of Onyx Productions' touring programs, Gene has also conducted workshops for Yamaha drums through various music stores.